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Polizzi Generosa

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Altitude: 917 m. over the sealevel
Surface: 134 km2
Population: 3.756 (polizzani)
Neighbouring communes: Caltavuturo, Castellana Sicula, Isnello, Petralia Sottana, Scillato, Sclafani Bagni, Vallelunga Pratameno (CL), Villalba (CL)
Zip code: 90028
Dialling code: 0921

The site of Polizzi Generosa has been frequented already since the sixth century B.C., as documented by archaeological exhibits. In Byzantine times the town developed, received the name Baseapolis (King City), and underwent the Arab domination. By Normans Count Roger  fortified the fortress and the Castle;  his niece, Countess Adelasia, Lady of Polizzi, gave great impulse to the village, which expanded considerably, hosting various ethnic groups living in peace (or Byzantine Greeks, Arabs, Latins, Jews). In 1234 Federico II granted the title of Generosa, who has remained as an integral part of name.
Except for brief periods, Polizzi was always a state town and it always jealously defended its independence, even at the cost of heavy sacrifices.
The period of greatest glory was the Renaissance, since it was  the root node of a road system very remarkable for its time, with the two royal “trazzere” the "Messina Mountains" and the "Mountain-Marines."
The presence of many noble families and the law of primogeniture, which took the younger sons to the monastic life, meant that all religious orders were present and the town consequently enriched itself in churches and convents full of works of art.
The decline of Polizzi began with the plague that struck the village at the end of the sixteenth century and halved the population. Afterwards the social life was characterized by strong contrasts between the nobles, who held power, and the members of the new middle class called "civilians" who were entitled to compete for public offices.



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