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Altitude: 423 m above sea-level
Surface: 60,51 km2
Population: 9.306 (Castelbuonesi)
Neighbouring Communes: Cefalù, Geraci Siculo, Isnello, Petralia Sottana, Pollina, San Mauro Castelverde
Zip Code: 90013
Dialling Code: 0921

A few kilometres far from the sea, Castelbuono developed in a pleasant valley at the foot of Madonie, already inhabited in the Neolithic, and rich in remains from Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab period.
In 1316 Francis I of Ventimiglia -  who were counts of Geraci and relatives of Frederick II -  built a castle on the hill dominating the old Byzantine House "Ypsigro”,  what encouraged the growth of the settlement : in the sixteenth century Castelbuono will be considered the most lively town in the vast heritage of Ventimiglia.


Worth visiting: Ventimiglia Castle (Town Museum), Old Mother Church, Church of St. Francesco,  New Mother Church, Fountain of Venere Ciprea.

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